Annual Squash and Racketball Competitions

The following squash/racketball tournaments take place each year:

* Club Squash and Racketball Knockout Tournament from March to May
* Club Squash and Racketball Handicap Tournament in October/November
* Internal Squash and Racketball Winter Leagues
* Internal Squash and Racketball Summer Leagues

N.B  The internal leagues are continuous throughout the year and are a great way of meeting and playing new people at your own level. Please go to the Member's Section for the Leagues, which include contact details for all the players.

Latest Tournament News, Results & Photos

2019 Club Championships

The Squash and Racketball Championship finals were held at the club on 17th May 2019. A great evening enjoyed by all who were there playing or spectating. Many thanks to Jonathan Baker and Lyn Stockham for organising the competitions which, given the low number of entrants, was not an easy job this year. The Squash & Racketball committee will be looking at ways to improve the competitions next year and hopefully have a much larger number of players in the tournament. Got any ideas about how to do this, then please talk to a member of the committee.

This years finalists and winners were .......

  • Squash Ladies - Isabella White beat Janet Biles 3-0
  • Squash - Stewart Dipple beat Giles Watts 3-0
  • Squash Plate - Paul Harrold beat Paul Morris 3-1
  • Squash Vets - Gary Biles beat Jonathan Baker 3-0
  • Racketball - Jake Wilkinson-Tough beat Giles Watts 3-0
  • Racketball Plate - Mike Elliot beat Colin Turner 3-1
  • Racketball Vets - Mike Elliot beat Gary Biles 3-1
  • Racketball Vets Plate - Phil Horne beat Andy Gilks 3-0

Click here to see the photos, these are also on the club's Facebook page. 

"Stiffs" Racketball Doubles Tournament

The "Stiffs" Racketball Doubles tournament has become a Christmas tradition at DTSC and this years competition added to that history. 16 invited players ranked 1-16, with No. 1 being paired with No. 16, No. 2 with No. 15 and so on. Split into two groups of 4 the teams play a round robin of matches of 1 game to 21pts. The team in each group with the most points play the final and the team with the least points in each group play off for the losers trophy "the Stiffy", the losers of the final winning the trophy.

This years finalists were Dave Whittingham & John Christmas against Callum Watts & Paul Breakwell. Dave & John's solid play and tactic of keeping the ball away from Callum eventually paid dividends and they won the final 21-15.

In the losers final Keith Loader (current holder of the trophy) & Giles Watts (a late replacement for an injured Colin England) played Simon Watts & Alan Membury. The match was faily even until around 12-12 when Simon & Alan pulled away and, despite Keith's desperate efforts, eventually won 21-14. So once again Keith gets the stiffs trophy for his mantlepiece for 6 months before handing it on to Giles.

Many Thanks from all those who took part to Any Notley for organising the tournament.


      Stiffs trophy winners Giles & Keith                                 Andy Notley with Tournament Winners John & Dave

For those of a sensitive nature I haven't posted pictures of Keith & Giles with the trophy, if you want to see those pics go onto the clubs Facebook page.     

Gary Biles - 28th December 2018


2018 Squash & Racketball Handicap Finals Night

The Finals of the Squash & Racketball Handicap competions were held on Friday 30th November 2018.

A good number of spectators saw an amazing night of Squash and Racketball with all the finals being very closely contested which shows what a good job the handicapping "team" did in seting up the competition. Many thanks from all the competitors to Jonathan Baker for running the tournament this year.   

  • Squash Final - Arthur May 3-2 Charles Black - 15/12  6/15  15/10  9/15  15/14
    • A great advert for squash from two of the club's first team in an incredibly close match. The excellent play from both players was great to watch whether attacking or retrieving. Charles handicap meant that he had to give 2pts to Arthur. The match see-sawed back and forth and after well over an hour on court came down to a "sudden death" point at 14-14 in the fifth game with Arthur prevailing and taking the championship point. 
  • Squash Plate Final - Sam Fudge 3-0 Richard Middleton - 15/12  15/12  15/13
    • The game scores show that this was a lot closer than the 3-0 score line suggests. Sam had to work very hard for the win starting on -10 to Richard's +4. Richard's handicap increased by 2pts with each game Sam won culminating in -10 vs +8 in the third game! Good to see one of the younger and newer members of the club featuring and winning in the finals.
  • Racketball Final - Callum Watts 3-2 Arthur May - 15/5  15/10  0/15  11/15  15/11
    • After his epic Squash final Arthur only had a short break before going back on court in the Racketball final against an obviously fresh Callum (probably after he gave a big "thank you" to Charles for keeping Arthur on court for so long!). After yet another change of t-shirt (a feature of the squash final!) Arthur fought hard against Callum but couldn't take advantage of his 5pt  handicap advantage and lost the first two games, the final looking to be over in quick time. However Arthur rallied and came back in the next two games to win the third comfortably 15/0 and the fourth 15/11. Callum wasn't to be denied though and taking advantage of Arthur's tiring legs he built up a good lead in the fifth game. Arthur did come back and significantly reduce the lead, but Callum eventually won the deciding game 15/11 to take the cup.  
  • Racketball Plate Final - Todd Moffat 3-2 Sue Ramsbottom - 15/10  15/11  6/15  3/15  15/14
    • Although he had to give Sue a 7pt start (0 vs -7) Todd recovered the handicap very quickly in the first two games and built a commanding 2-0 lead. With Sue starting the third game now with an 11pt start she took full advantage and made a great come back to win the next two games and take match into a deciding fifth. The final game see-sawed back and forth and like the Squash final got to 14-14 and a "sudden death" point. Unbelievably at mid rally on the match deciding point the lights went out! The courts had been booked out for the finals until 9pm and then the lights automatically turned off (Note to Adam: need a bit more court time next year please!) Todd won the replayed point to take the cup, but a valiant effort from Sue in another exciting and epic encounter.       


Squash Finalists - Arthur and Charles.                   Racketball Finalists - Callum and Arthur


Squash Plate Finalists - Sam and Richard.                 Racketball Plate Finalists Todd and Sue.

Presentations by Squash & Racketball Committee Chairperson Annabel Whalley

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