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2019 Summer Cup Matches (League Phase) 

Thu 23 May - SQ3 - Canford 2 - 1 vs 3 - Dorchester 1
Callum W. 3-0 ~ Gary B. 3-1 ~ Giles W. 1-3 ~ Ross M. 3-0
Tue 28 May - SQ3 - JP Blandford 1 vs Dorchester 1
Thu 30 May - RB1A - JP Blandford RB1 vs Dorchester RB1
Tue 4 Jun  - SQ3 - Dorchester 1 vs Milford 1
Wed 5 Jun - RB1A - Dorchester RB1 vs BSC RB1
Tue 11 Jun - SQ3 - Dorchester 1 vs BSC 4
Wed 19 Jun - RB1A - Dorchester RB1 vs Hamworthy RB1
Tue 25 Jun - SQ3 - Dorchester 1 vs Two Riversmeet 3 
Tue 9 Jul - SQ3 - Dorchester 1 vs Canford 2
Tue 16 Jul - SQ3 - Dorchester 1 vs JP Blandford 1
Wed 24 Jul - RB1A - BSC RB1 vs Dorchester RB1
Tue 30 Jul - SQ3 - BSC 4 vs Dorchester 1
Thu 8 Aug - SQ3 - Milford 1 vs Dorchester 1
Thu 15 Aug - SQ3 - Two Riversmeet 3 vs Dorchester 1
Thu 15 Aug - RB1A - BSC RB1 vs Dorchester RB1
Wed 21 Aug - RB1A - Dorchester RB1 vs JP Blandford RB1

Friendly Racketball Match vs Bridport

Tuesday 15th May saw a very good 7-a-side friendly Racketball match against Bridport at DTSC with Dorchester running out 5-2 winners.
Post match meal and drinks at the Colliton Club.

  1. Marcus Courtaux won 3-0
  2. Ben Lever. won 3-1
  3. Gary Biles won 3-0
  4. Ian Nowell-Smith (Capt) won 3-1
  5. Scott Bateman won 3-0
  6. John Christmas lost 2-3
  7. Paul Breakwell lost 2-3

Thanks to Ian for organising a very good evening

Gary B. - 16th May 2019

Dorset Squash & Racketball Leagues 2018/2019

League Tables as at Tuesday 30th April - click here
There are a few results still to be enetered but they will have little significant impact on the tables except for the Racketball 2 Division where BSC RB2 only need 1pt from their remaining two matches (presumably completed but no result input as yet!!) to win the division. 

So the Dorchester teams have completed all their matches and although other teams still have a few results to enter (why it does it take some clubs weeks to enter a result? Answers on a post card to the DS&R Committee please!) our league positions are all but set in stone.
So how did we do?

Squash 1st Team
Finished a creditable 4th in the 1st Division, won 7 lost 7. On paper a league winning squad of players, however they were never able to get their best team on court in the matches that mattered. Knocked out of the cup in the 1st round by league champions West Hants 1.

Squash 2nd Team
Finished a very good 3rd in the 2nd Division, won 6 lost 4. A good result in strong division albeit with only 6 teams after JP Blandford 2 withdrew mid season. Had to concede their cup semi final due injury and player availability. 

Squash 3rd Team
Finished 5th (or 3rd from bottom if "your glass is half empty") in the 3rd Division having won 5 lost 7, lost 2-3 on four occassions. Did reasonably well, after being promoted from Division 4 last season, in a very strong league. Knocked out of the cup in the semi finals.

Squash 4th Team
Finished 6th in Division 4 (2nd from bottom if your glass ....) having won 4 and lost 8. Another division where a team (Bridport 2) withdrew mid season. The team were in a strong position at the mid point of the season, but faded badly in the new year. Beaten in the cup semi final by league champions BSC 4 who are very likely to win the cup.

Racketball 1st Team
Finished 3rd in Division 1 having won 6 and lost 4, a very creditable result. Conceded their cup semi final as they would have been unable to field a team had they won thru to the final.

Racketball 2nd Team
Finished 3rd from bottom in Division 2 having won 5 and lost 9. Plagued all season by player availabilty issues. Knocked out of the cup in the first round.

Racketball 3rd Team
Finished 4th in a very strong Division 3, only around 20pts covering the top 4 teams. A very good record of having won 9 lost 5. The team are in the cup final against Haymoor 1 on May 4th at BSC. Unfortunately Haymoor put out a very strong side in the final and we lost 4-0! Lyn 0-3 ~ Jake 2-3 ~ Gary 1-3 ~ Simon 0-3. Both Gary and Jake had the opportunity to win their respective matches, but they couldn't quite finish off their opponents. We would have lost on games count back anyway, but 2-2 might have been a fairer scoreline.   

The club are entering 1 Squash team and 1 Racketball team in the DS&R 2019 Summer Cup competition, if you are interested in playing for the teams please put your name down on the list in the bar area at the club. 

Gary B. 6th May 2019

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